Friday, January 6, 2012

Making New Friends

Today I made some new friends. I'm so thrilled and excited. i can't wait until i get the chance to hang out with each of them. The best news came today when i found out that one of my fellow bloggers only lives a few minutes away from me. Even better is that we have kids that are the same age who can all play together while we dish =). I would like for anyone who reads this blog to also go over and become a follower of my new friends.On a more personal note i had a very nice calm and relaxing day for the most part. These are far and few in between so you know I cherish each one I get, lol. My house is clean, the family has been fed and watered, the laundry is in the process of being done, the dog is fed and I'm exhausted...yep everything is just the way it should be.

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