Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just not my day

THings didn't turn out the way I had them planned at all today. First, my childhood best friend's family got sick so she couldn't meet up with me and mine like we planned. Then the museum we drove 40 minutes to go to ended up being closed for the holiday, which I completely had forgotten was today. Next we went out to eat at Red Robin(my 6 year olds fav place) and I ended up getting sick not once but twice. After that my bestie's little brother who had been staying over here with us started crying and wanted to go home tonight instead of Tuesday morning like we had planned. Next I decided after a day of disappointment that I would once again go out dumpster diving to cheer me up....wrong. I didn't find not a single thing tonight =(. To top everything off I have been getting sharp pains in my chest for about the last 2 hours. I really think I need to just go to bed and give up completely on this day.

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  1. Mercy! What a day you had! I hope tomorrow is much, much better!
    New follower. Stop by & follow me, too. Growing Old With Grace
    Hugs, GraceinAZ