Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Day So Far

Today, I must admit, has been a pretty good day. I am shocked that the kids have managed to behave themselves for the most part. I am seriously getting to where I don't like the weekends so much anymore because I end up with all of the kids home alone by myself. Since I have my bestie and her kids are too it's not so bad. You would think that having 6 kids, 3 of my 5 and 3 of her 5, here at once would make things a lot more complicated but it actually makes things better. We are able to tag team the kids, cooking, and household chores. This has provided a huge relief to me not to mention given me much needed adult talk time during the days. Things are starting to look pretty good around here. The house is pretty much always clean, laundry is always caught up and the kids are always fed. What more could I possibly ask for right now, lol. On a different note, things with my truck turned out great as well. It only ended up costing $475 to get the truck completely fixed. We had looked into getting a second truck so that I would have a little bit more freedom when the hubby is at work but decided against it at this time. The first thing that we're trying to shoot for right now is getting a new house. TO be nice my hubby let me and my bestie go out shopping. Retail therapy always does the soul good. We had a blast out together!!! Love my time with her =)

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