Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm Back!!!!

Well if anyone was wondering where I have been you can now know. The family and I went to Ohio to visit with family and decided that it would be a technology free vacation. We got to visit with several family members and had a lot of fun there. I am from a very small town just outside of Toledo, if you were wondering where in Ohio. We took the kids to the zoo there which I highly recommend to everyone. It is one of the top zoo's in the world. Also in Toledo there is an awesome play place for kids called Nickel World. This place is somewhat like Chuck E Cheese but without the food being offered there. All of the games cost just a nickel to play with some of them being free. It only costs $3 to get in and you can buy a bag of 100 nickels for just $5. There are tons of games including several different cranes, skeeball, and bunches of arcade style games as well. There is a lot to do there and you can easily spend a few hours in there. Although they do not offer food there you can bring your own in. They also use a ticket system like Chuck E Cheese that allows your child to "buy" a bunch of different treats and prizes that start as low as 5 tickets. If you plan on taking a trip to the area I highly recommend going to both the zoo and Nickel World. They are both great fun for all ages.

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