Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Having A Rough Go At Things

My hubby has been being very tight with our money as of lately and wouldn't really let me go out to do any shopping or dumpster diving. He kept insisting that something bad was going to happen and we needed to save all our money. Turns out that he was right (that just seriously hurt to say, lol). The transmission on our SUV decided to get itself stuck in what we believe is either park or reverse. We can't tell which because the truck has an anti-theft system that makes you put it in neutral in order to start it up and we can't get it to go into neutral. It cost us $80 yesterday to have it towed a whole 2 miles down the road. To make matters a little bit worse the repair shop that we had it taken to didn't even get around to looking at it yesterday. My hubby had to miss work and I missed school. The worst part about missing school yesterday was that I had 2 tests. My math teacher has a no excuses policy so I ended up having to take a big fat zero on my very first test of the semester =(. I'm so not happy about all of this right now but I'm trying very hard to keep my head held high. Really could use some kind words right about now.


  1. Car troubles are some of the most frustrating! I hope everything will be better soon.

  2. Thank you so much. Things actually worked out for be pretty good, for once. It only ended up costing us $475 to get everything on the truck fixed. This was a HUGE relief to me since I was expecting to pay a couple of thousand.