Monday, March 12, 2012

Dumspter Diving Report #8

So we had another great night out. I would have to say that the best thing I found was a dual sided standing make-up mirror at BB&B. I also found a total intact paint and brush set at Micheal's that came in its own wooden case...very mice. We also found a set of 400 thread count white cotton sheets still in plastic and a set of gorgeous black sheers as well. Both of these came from BB&B as well. There was a lot of little odds and ends this week at Micheal's. I think they must of had a cake decorating demo going on over the weekend because we came across several different tools along with unopened tubes of frosting and food coloring. Oh and I almost forgot that at BB&B we found a brand new rice cooker. Now I'm not real huge on rice but hey it was free and who am I to turn down something that nice which just happened to be sitting waiting for little ole me. Until 'til next time....

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